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Doug Newall
West Coast
34 years IT Aerospace 1 Company
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From @DebraMark1
John Kobylt invades my space in the KFI news booth! ⁦@KFIAM640⁩ ⁦@johnandkenshow⁩
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From @doug_newall
@DebraMark1 @KFIAM640 @johnandkenshow That is the gal that swing the smoking cedar? Someone please let me know? She…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@doug_newall @DebraMark1: Shampoo of @JohnAndKenShow has revenge fantasies about punching people waiting for the bus. That's depraved, immoral, & sociopathic. Think through why the sociopaths want revenge, then realize that the more sociopathic they get the worse things get.