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Stage 3 breast cancer survivor. Trump is the spawn of Satan. However, if Nancy & Dems aren’t going to play hard ball & impeach Barr then I am done.#impeach
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⬇️ This. Corporate greed is at the heart of Trump's policy to cage children. $250/day to house a migrant child at…
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If Trump & his fan club actually opposed illegal #immigration, they'd constantly point out how pro-Big Biz Tlaib is: she'd give WalMart & Tyson Foods all the cheap labor they crave. MT @RashidaTlaib ...Corporate greed is at the heart of Trump's policy to cage children...
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.@spookykat1 @flakingbaking: Trump's horrific, but @RashidaTlaib is very pro-Big Biz. She highlights the small amount detention centers make in order to cover up how much Big Biz profits from illegal #immigration (it helps them lower wages).