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Brianna Wu
Dedham, MA
Candidate for US House of Representatives in MA District 8. Software engineer. Feminist. You are important.
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MT @mombot Look, all I'm saying is that if democratic nations allowed for state censorship of the internet like communist China, we could have stopped GamerGate. Vote @Spacekatgal #MA8 #MAPol
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RT @Spacekatgal: It's really impossible to overstate the harm Cernovich did to women in the game industry during Gamergate. He helped lead…
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.@TheRichWilkins @Spacekatgal: to hurt Cernovich, you have to make arguments that appeal to his base. Preaching to your choir doesn't work. He refuses to come out strong against Trump's amnesty, & #MAGA & #AltRight *really* don't like amnesty. Point that out to his base.