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usually a nice girl, health services researcher, logic hound, writer of bad poems, beam me up Scotty, and groovy goolie #theresistance
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From @brianstelter
"A plea from 33 writers: Please use language that will clarify the issues at hand," this letter to the @nytimes say…
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From @HifromtheFuture
@brianstelter @nytimes The phrase is very common. Thinking that any American doesn’t understand it shows exactly ho…
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From @FF_fanster
@HifromtheFuture @brianstelter @nytimes Yes, I think arguing semantics is very surface level. It's not about the ph…
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From @thelastpinkcar
@brianstelter @gtconway3d @nytimes Yeah, just say bribery and extortion.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@FF_fanster: two years from now, after Ukraine didn't pan out, impeachment only succeeded at helping Trump, and Trump's been reelected, #TheResistance will still be chasing the dream du jour. It'd be smart of you to demand those like @brianstelter finally do their real jobs.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@thelastpinkcar: hey Helena, we're 4+ years into #TheResistance only ever *helping* Trump. During which year of the new Trump admin do you think they might realize they've done everything wrong?
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From @thelastpinkcar
@TomSteyer All of it is tied to that. It's also tied to the times that the Saudis got him out of financial trouble.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@thelastpinkcar: @TomSteyer is, as always, illogical. No one can say Trump isn't motivated by Saudi $, anymore than they can say Steyer isn't also. There are incontrovertible ways to undercut Trump - like on his support for amnesty - by Steyer isn't smart enough to use those.