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jannie fresh
29 & Telegraph. Oakland.
embracism. (embrace your racism) problemaddict. views are 100% those of my employer.
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From @BrianKolfage
ITS HAPPENING!! signup early next week! Win trip to wall party at first completed section! @willsommer…
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From @HalfKneegrow
@BrianKolfage @willsommer @WeBuildtheWall @gehrig38 @SheriffClarke @kristina_wong @TomiLahren @BreitbartNews…
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From @BrianKolfage
@HalfKneegrow @willsommer @WeBuildtheWall @gehrig38 @SheriffClarke @kristina_wong @TomiLahren @BreitbartNews…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HalfKneegrow: point out to those taken in by @BrianKolfage that illegal aliens will easily just go around his "wall" (assuming on private land) & that any "wall" Trump builds on public land will be easily torn down by the next administration. Help stop their scam.