Gustavo Torres

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Executive Director of Casa de Maryland.

In February 2006 he said this: "We are going to target Minuteman Project members in a specific way... [by taking their own pictures]... Then we are going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kids, and go to their work... If they are going to do this to us, we are going to respond in the same way, to let people know their neighbors are extremists, that they are anti-immigrant. They are going to hear from us." ( link)

From this [[November 21, 2006]] blog post: the Gaithersburg City Council meeting last night, one citizen refused to recite the Pledge. Casa de Maryland Executive Director Gustavo Torres, an immigrant from Colombia, stood in definace while substantially everyone else present recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Even the day laborers at the meeting, many of whom have previously admitted that they are in the USA illegally, stood up in respect for the US flag and recited the Pledge as best as they could.