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P Ebo
THE City
Best you not engage: No Trump/Bernie! Will block,over 3000; VOTED 12 pres-Rs/Ds; Jesuit raised; MA PPE, MBA FIN; Intl EqTrader/Inv Bkg 25 yrs. Read Think Laugh!
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From @SangerNYT
For%20Trump%2C%20Instinct%20After%20Florida%20Killings%20Is%20Simple%3A%20Protect%20Saudis https%3A%2F%
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From @EBOlady
@SangerNYT Think something went awry.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@EBOlady: @SangerNYT not wanting U.S. military to train Saudi officers seems more than a bit xenophobic and racist, wouldn't you admit? Sanger sounds like he wishes Trump's Muslim ban included other countries.