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Hispanic leader promises civil disobedience without amnesty; Harold Meyerson helps (Casa de Maryland) - 03/17/10

Discussing March 21's big illegal immigration march, Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson says (link):

Gustavo Torres/CASA de Maryland, SVREP, Ward Churchill at Venezuala "revolution in the U.S." conference - 11/26/07

The Venezuela International Book Fair took place earlier this month, and it included a "five-day rolling panel discussion" called "United States: A possible revolution" [1]: The 22 panelists, four or five of whom spoke each day, included political activists and writers from the United States expressing diverse political views, as well as a number of U.S. citizens living in Venezuela... The issues debated on the character of the working class and prospects for revolution in the United States sparked a political discussion that permeated the book fair... ...In addition to the forum panelists...

Fearing Backlash, Some Immigration Activists Aren't Backing Boycott - 02/20/07

Washington Post/April 20, 2006/Darryl Fears/ link

WaPo's Boom Burbs go bust; what happens to the illegal aliens? - 12/27/06

Nick Miroff of the Washington Post offers "Immigrants' Jobs Vanish With Housing Slowdown", about the situation in the DC/Maryland/NoVa suburbs area. Seems some illegal aliens can't find jobs in construction and are leaving mostly for other states, but some are even - gasp - returning to the countries of which they're citizens. Note that just over a year ago, the Washington Post promoted illegal activity in order to keep the good times a-rollin' in those "boom burbs". Now, with the slowdown, even they are grappling with the impact of their policies. Even the local advocates are desperately...

Gustavo Torres/Case de Maryland refuses to say Pledge of Allegiance - 11/22/06

Casa de Maryland is a government-funded organization that strongly supports illegal immigration and that's been involved in organizing immigration marches. Earlier this year, Gustavo Torres, their executive director, threatened to picket not just the residences of Minuteman Project members, but the schools of their children.

Gustavo Torres - 11/22/06

Executive Director of Casa de Maryland.

Gramscians demand ouster of Maryland comptroller - 07/17/06

The WaPo's Ann E. Marimow offers "Rights Groups Say Schaefer's Run Must End" about far-far-lefties opposing Maryland's former governor and now comptroller: A far-reaching collection of Maryland's Asian, Latino, black and women's rights leaders denounced Comptroller William Donald Schaefer yesterday for what they called a series of intolerant public statements -- and they told the former governor that it is "time to go." Wow, sounds serious. Except, the provided remarks don't exactly rise to any sort of questionable level that I can see. Rather, it appears to be a power play by far-leftie,...

Casa de Maryland might soon get big surprise - 02/25/06

The Casa de Maryland is a state-funded group that supports illegal immigration. Gustavo Torres, their executive director, recently said this about the Minuteman Project members who've been monitoring illegal labor hiring halls:

Maryland to be sued over driver's licenses; AP not telling whole truth - 11/15/05

Michael J. Feeney of the AP offers "Immigrants Denied Licenses to File Suit Against Md. MVA". It starts out with this bit designed to soften you up: All she wants to do is drive to school, but Margaret Mengly Peredo Echalar says she can't get a driver's license, despite having provided proper identification to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. Awww. Except, it's not really just about one person's wish to get to school, now is it? It's also about all those other people who want licenses, and what they'll do with it: for instance, boarding airplanes. And, of course, driver's licenses...