Gabriela Saldivia promotes violence against political opponents (NPR, Will Connolly)

Gabriela Saldivia of NPR blogs "Australian Lawmaker Is Egged After Comments Blaming New Zealand Attack On Immigration" (link):

One day after the mass shooting that left 50 people dead at two mosques in New Zealand, a lawmaker in Australia who blamed the attack on Muslim immigration was struck on the head with an egg by a teenager.

Video footage shows the Australian senator from Queensland, Fraser Anning, speaking to reporters at a meeting of his Conservative National Party in Melbourne, while a young man [Will Connolly] stands nearby listening. The teenager then raises his phone and uses his other hand to slam the egg on the back on Anning's head.

Anning immediately turns and hits the teen in the face, and then hits him again before the two were separated. The 17-year-old was tackled to the ground and then arrested by police...

The senator has been heavily criticized for the inflammatory remarks he made after the attack in Christchurch... This isn't the first time Anning's comments have been received with condemnation and outrage...

The 17-year-old's motives for egging the senator are not immediately clear, but he was quickly dubbed #EggBoy on social media and is getting international praise for what many are seeing as him standing up against Islamophobia and racism...

She refers to those condemning Anning's current and past comments, and those cheering on the attacker. Yet, she doesn't acknowledge that some might support Anning in whole or part, or that some might oppose the attacker's actions. She sets Anning up as someone deserving of complete condemnation, and then the attacker as the hero.

And, lots of fake liberals agree with her. Some might only support limited violence against their political foes, others would proceed to bricks (or cheer those who do). While the violence of smashing an egg on someone is very minor compared to beating someone with a brick and infinitesimal compared to killing 50 people, it's all on the same continuum.

The attacker's actions were fascistic in the strict authoritarian sense: agree with us or we'll assault you and next time it might be worse than just an egg. The goal is to quash dissent.

If you have a political disagreement with someone, try to engage them in debate. Anywhere debate is allowed, it's the solution to political disagreements. Not eggs, bricks, or bullets.

Please contact @_gsaldivia and ask her to promote the Question Authority plan instead of political violence.