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Zach Stafford
New York, NY
Co-Host @am2dm ✨Past: EIC @theadvocatemag, CCO @grindr, journalist @guardian
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From @ZachStafford
Tomorrow: Sen. Cory Booker will join us on @AM2DM to discuss Sen. Kamala Harris suspending her campaign and the now…
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From @ed_guidry
@ZachStafford @AM2DM Does Elizabeth Warren count?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
To Zach, Warren is the wrong race. He's not about ideas but skin color. He lacks patriotism to engage candidates on ideas. MT @ed_guidry [what about Warren?] MT @ZachStafford [will have friendly chat w/ Cory Booker about "dwindling inclusion of people of color in the 2020 race"]