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Kelly Ward Burton
California, USA
Mom. President of @DemRedistrict, @allontheline, and @RedistrictFdn. Former @DCCC Exec Dir, proud alum of UofA and HKS. Vegas native through and through.
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From @60Minutes
“It’s not different than Watergate” Kelly Ward Burton was executive director of the DCCC when Russian hackers sto…
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From @jimviufrst
@60Minutes @TrueFactsStated It is different than Watergate. It's an adversarial foreign government.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jimviufrst: Putin's goal is to show the U.S. system doesn't work. Those like @kellycward who make it a partisan issue might as well be working for him: he wants a circular firing squad.
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From @kellycward
Ok people, here's where we are on map-drawing power following last night's elections... In 2011, Republicans had t…
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From @kellycward
With this shift in the balance of power, 113 seats in 9 states will now be drawn by Commissions, 87 seats in 9 stat…
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From @kellycward
This leaves just 5 MAJOR STATES with GOP trifecta control of ahead of redistricting: Texas, North Carolina, Florida…
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From @nickbri25
@kellycward @DemRedistrict I’m all for targeting these states but Roy Cooper is a Democratic Governor in NC so does…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@nickbri25: @kellycward is on 60 Minutes about Russian hacking. She's a tool of Putin & she lacks the smarts and/or patriotism to figure it out. Putin isn't about supporting or opposing Dems, he's about undermining our system. By playing partisan games she walks into his trap.