Federal Hate Crimes bill S. 909: violates Constitution, unequal treatment? (Eric Holder)

The attached video is of Senate testimony from Attorney General Eric Holder on a federal hate crimes bill (S. 909). According to this:

It features Attorney General Holder flatly stating that, despite promising to do so, S. 909 will not protect all Americans who are victims of violent hate crime. It will only protect a privileged minority, including homosexuals, blacks, and Jews. Secondly, Holder can provide no example of even one state failing to enforce the law against hate criminals.

They suggest contacting Senators and asking them to view the video. According to Investors Business Daily (link):

[The bill] violates major swaths of the Constitution. It certainly twists the 14th Amendment's "equal protection" clause beyond recognition. And it likewise impinges on First Amendment's guarantees of freedom of speech and thought. And subjecting those guilty of state crimes to additional federal prosecution is double jeopardy.

More on this here and here.


I "hate" them all equally.

crimes bill 909 is about setting up reeducation camps with ovens for the people who will not listen.