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Susan Szilagyi
Hellertown, PA
Lehigh University sports and Phillies baseball. Political junkie since 2008, not so much after 11/2016. Respect my existence or expect my resistance.
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From @davidcicilline
“Day after day, precious lives are cut short.” - @realDonaldTrump Immigrants are less likely than the general pop…
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@davidcicilline @realDonaldTrump If he's so worried about precious lives being cut short, how about some gun control legislation?
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.@susanszil: hi Susan. @davidcicilline is deliberately, brazenly lying to you. Trump's crime spiel was about illegal aliens, Cicilline refers to "immigrants". Those are disjoint. Trump is horrific, but plz don't respond to that by supporting a Dem who lies at a Trump level.