Everything Ready For the March for the Millions of Undocumented Foreigners

[[March 10, 2006]]/[[Ana Maria u. Montes de Oca]]/Editor of [[El Dia News]]/ link

...And while some communities are preparing to help their families, friends, neighbors, and groups of all ethnic backgrounds, hate groups and racist organizations feel like they are the winners and they again will win this battle. People with bad intentions, those who are uneducated, or people who have no faith or moral background, take it upon themselves to send hate messages to these communities.

Continuing the sleazy strawman argument: In the editorial section of edition 1240 of EL DIA News, projected their ideas, theory, and logic towards the over 11 million undocumented people, (who are not only Mexican). As a response we received a letter that expressed deep hate towards the Mexican community. The letter expressed the idea that the U.S. government should kill off all of the Mexicans, he also expresses a deep hate towards all the people who don't speak English, and he also added a hate message towards the Mexican president Vicente Fox. This person is probably descendent from an aristocracy, his ancestors' never mixed with any other race, and his family definitely never immigrated to this Country in search for the "American Dream."

Lists the organizations at the protest: CALOR Medical Center, Casa Aztlan, [[Casa Michoacan]], the Michoacan Club Federation, the Center Without Boundaries, the Romero Center, [[Chinese American Service League]], the [[Foreign Mexican international Coalition]], the [[Mexican Confederation]], the Political Progress for Mexican Workers, Durango Unido de Chicago, Enlaces America, Familia Latina Unida, Chihuahua Federations, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Guanjuato, the Institute for Mexicans in the Exterior, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Instituto del Progresso Latino, Latinos Progresando, Latinos del Sureste, NALACC, Nahui Ollin Danza Azteca, MCN, Organizacion del Distrito Federal, Pilsen Neighbors, [[RPD of Guatemala]], Resurrection Project, UNIRR, UIC-ISO, Union Latina, Universidad Popular, Friends of Sullivan, Illinois hunger Coalition, ACMMI, the Wheaton Bible Church, Red por La Paz y Desarrollo de Guatemala, ACORN, Metropolitan Tenants Organization, Rainbow Push Coalition, Committee for Better Chicago, BUILD, WTLU, West Town Leadership, United Electrical Workers, Democratic Revolution Party, and the [[PRI party]].