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Regular citizens asking elites tough questions usually fails (HuffPost example) - 01/13/10

Eliot Spitzer has posted some questions for bankers, see that link for the details and the link. And, probably in an attempt at just ginning up page views, the Huffington Post has invited their readers to submit questions.

Everything Ready For the March for the Millions of Undocumented Foreigners - 10/11/07

[[March 10, 2006]]/[[Ana Maria u. Montes de Oca]]/Editor of [[El Dia News]]/ link


Undated document from Pueblo Sin Fronteras link: somosunpueblo.com/Unify_and_Focus.html UNIFY AND FOCUS OUR MOVEMENT NOW ! Emma Lozano, presidente Pueblo sin Fronteras Elvira Arellano, presidente La Familia Latina Unida

Looking back, moving ahead - 03/24/07

Los Angeles Times/Teresa Watanabe/[[March 24, 2007]]/ link subtitle: Organizers of last year's huge immigrant rights rally in L.A. reflect on successes and goals as they ready for Sunday's anniversary events.

El Paso Times BNHR article - 01/15/07

"D.C. hears El Pasoan's ideas about reforms" January 15, 2007 by Louie GilotEl Paso Times elpasotimes.com/election/ci_5016999

Chicago Giant put rest of country on notice - 10/07/06

link Chicago 'Giant' put rest of country on notice/April 2, 2006/Scott Fornek It started with about two dozen Latino community leaders trading ideas in a former church in the Pilsen neighborhood, hashing out how best to protest a U.S. House bill that would crack down on illegal immigration. It ended three weeks later with a rally in the Loop attended by more than 100,000.