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Fighter for justice at my law firm, The Bloom Firm. NYT bestselling author. Mom, foster mom, wife. Vegan proselytizer. "Vile attorney" -- Bill O'Reilly.
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“The Issue Is:” is now streaming! Watch @HarveyLevinTMZ, @AnnCoulter & @LisaBloom discuss the government shutdown…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Elex_Michaelson: when Trump's out of office & his "wall" (metal slats) are literally full of holes, who's going to fund repairs? Won't Congress neglect or tear down his "wall"? Did you or @LisaBloom call @AnnCoulter on that, or did you in effect help her scam suckers?
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From @MichCorsilles
RT @LisaBloom: Yes. This is my daily huzzah to @DrWendyWalsh who found the courage to stand up for herself and for all the silenced women.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MichCorsilles: @DrWendyWalsh asked for Arabic translators... for Mateen pere's broadcasts & never owned up to it. #credibility? @LisaBloom
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.@LisaBloom <- if Trump & fans weren't deranged idiots, they'd discredit this thing so badly she wouldn't have a career. #MSNBC #Trump2016