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Rep. Andy Harris, MD
Maryland's First District
Proud to represent MD-01; Anesthesiologist; Dad to Joe, Becky, Irene, Jessica, & Danny; Grandpa to Charles, Abigail, Arthur, Andrew, Camilla, James, & Sylvia.
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From @aeidinger
Sincerely trying to talk to my congressman @RepAndyHarrisMD and he won’t give a second for the topic of medical mar…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Pals of @aeidinger like @RachelRamone staged a die-in, getting their names in the news but making potheads look even worse. They'd help themselves by finding non-potheads to engage pols in Socratic debate. #ByeAndy #OverdoseHarris #Congress #Cannabis #Marijuana #FreeDC