In Denver Times: let's put on a newspaper!

Former employees of the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News newspaper are making you an offer (

You pledge to pay as little as $4.99 a month, and if we reach our goal of 50,000 pledges by April 23 we will go live with our site to revive a tradition of distinguished reporting and editing with 21st-century electronic delivery.

Now, it would be easy for you to laugh at them and say, "sorry, but we don't like newpaper reporters in these parts because they constantly lie and instead of doing things like following the money they try to cover up the trail. While that might be less true of reporters for outlets situated between completely corrupt small town papers and the completely, absolutely corrupt national MSM, it probably wouldn't be difficult to find those who've signed on offering biased reportage. Sorry. Hey, I like Denver, it's a great city. But, sorry. However, I hear that McDonalds is hiring." However, saying that would be cruel, so don't do it. Instead, let someone else send them money.


It is sad that they lost their jobs. But had they put down their Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and other New Left nonsense they read in college along with their bongs and read something like William McGowan's "Coloring the News" they might have saved their livelihoods. The rigid following of predefined politically correct narratives and slavishly fanboy ravings for corrupt political hacks in both parties instead of hardnose skeptical reporting that including all members and dimensions of the community is what is killing the newspaper business.

They need $250,000 a month to run an online newspaper? That's ridiculous. An AP feed, several staff reporters and a few stringers doesn't come anywhere near that amount. That's about all most newspapers are these days anyway. And there's almost no overhead online. Your average reader can find anything this group is planning on producing free of charge via news sites and local bloggers. $250k a month that comes with plenty of bias. And they wonder why they went out of business? Pffft.

I agree with Anonymous 4:27 am that Bill McGowan's "Coloring the News" is well worth reading. It is a devastating, detailed analysis of the techniques of deceit used by the New York Times and others to lie to readers.

Digger, I really don't believe that it is the cost that is driving lots of folks to cancel the paper. It is all that missing from the local paper because of slavish adherence to political correct guidelines and predefined narratives. It makes the local paper absolutely worthless as a source of information. For instance when major corporate controlled(Gannett, McClatchy, Hearst, MedianNews..) local papers report crime they will make sure never to mention an accurate description of the suspect less the divulge any racial information. Likewise with immigration and gang affiliation. It all becomes absurd after a while.

In Los Angeles, half the population is functionally illiterate anyway. With the change of demographics (systematic displacement of English speaking citizens) championed by the LA Times, who is to blame if they go under? Good riddance to all of the newpapers. These people need to find a real job instead of being mouthpieces of political correctness, leftist anti-white social policy and a minority occupation government.