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In Denver Times: let's put on a newspaper! - 03/16/09

Former employees of the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News newspaper are making you an offer ( You pledge to pay as little as $4.99 a month, and if we reach our goal of 50,000 pledges by April 23 we will go live with our site to revive a tradition of distinguished reporting and editing with 21st-century electronic delivery. Now, it would be easy for you to laugh at them and say, "sorry, but we don't like newpaper reporters in these parts because they constantly lie and instead of doing things like following the money they try to cover up the trail. While that might be less...

Is the Colorado Supreme Court pro-illegal immigration? - 06/13/06

That court recently blocked Coloradans from voting on an initiative that, aside from administrivia, says this: Except as mandated by federal law, the provision of non-emergency services by the state of Colorado, or any county, city, or other political subdivision thereof, is restricted to citizens of and aliens lawfully present in the United States of America. They took this off the ballot because they claim that it involves more than one subject, something that initiatives are forbidden from doing by Colorado's constitution. As discussed here and here, it seems to only deal with one...