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Between Fibbing and Treason
24/7 Deceiving, Dividing, & Destroying America for All Americans! Get Bamboozeled, Baffled, and But*$&#*d Right Here. Right Now. Right On!
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Why is there no focus on the endless children sexually assaulted by illegal aliens? #immigration #border…
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From @Cnn_Faking_News
@CR @RMConservative Because #PallBearerPelosi and #RapeEnablerSchumer are sociopaths.
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That answers itself: because those like CR are intensely incompetent grifters & people like you keep enabling them. They have no monetary incentive to do a competent job. MT @Cnn_Faking_News MT @CR Why is there no focus on the endless [heinous crimes illegal aliens commit]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Cnn_Faking_News: if @CR wants to have an impact, let's see them speak directly to libs & educate those libs on how their leaders are working to lower wages via mass immigration. That'd permanently undercut Pelosi, etc. If CR is genuine, then they'll do that. Watch and see.