Dan Lipinski challenger has divided loyalties, was official with Mexican political party (Jorge Mujica, Illinois)

On Monday, Jorge Mujica of Illinois filed as a Democrat to challenge Rep. Dan Lipinski, also a Democrat. Mujica helped organize some of the illegal immigration marches in Chicago, he claims to be a dual citizen, he's a member of an advisory council to the Mexican government, and he is or was an official with the Mexican political party PRD. In other words, he clearly has divided loyalties, if he has any loyalty to the U.S. at all. Illinois seems to be even ahead of California in that regards; current Illinois state senator Martin Sandoval also serves on the same advisory council.

There's a Spanish-language article here where he refers to "mi doble nacionalidad" and says that Lipinski might try to sue to block his candidacy over that issue. He also mentions that a few others like him are or were considering running for various offices. See also this and this. Our past coverage of Jorge Mujica is at that link.

While Mujica probably doesn't stand much of a chance, the case of him and Sandoval shows yet another cost of massive immigration: it gives power inside the U.S. to foreign governments through those who represent those countries' agendas. And, that's a cost that those who promote massive/illegal immigration never want to acknowledge; don't let them get away with it by pointing out that cost in response to their promotion of massive/illegal immigration.


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