Creeping condominium: L.A. Mexican consulate working with governments, non-profits (Anna Gorman)

The Mexican government has been able to gain a great deal of political power inside the U.S. over the years; see that link. If things continue as they are, eventually we may reach some form of de facto power-sharing arrangement where we don't have full control of parts of our territory or our populace. Corrupt, illegal activity-supporting libertarians, liberals, and conservatives would have you believe that's just a conspiracy theory ("reconquista"), but there are currently border areas and the like that are under shared control between other countries. And, there doesn't have to be an actual conspiracy, all things have to do is proceed as they are now.

With that in mind, Anna Gorman of the Los Angeles Times offers "Mexican Consulate in L.A. takes proactive role in guiding immigrants to social services" (link):

the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles has become an almost de facto public agency in recent years, forming partnerships with government officials and nonprofits here to provide healthcare, offer mental health counseling, fight labor violations and hold literacy classes.

The consulate took another step earlier this year to meet the needs of Mexicans living in L.A. County by teaming up with the Superior Court and the county's Department of Children and Family Services to regularly assist Mexican nationals in dependency proceedings...

"The Mexican Consulate in L.A. has been kind of a lab," [Mexican consul general Juan Marcos Gutierrez-Gonzalez] said. "We're trying to expand and make more comprehensive the services we provide."

...Consular representatives met July 15 with union leaders and officials from Cal/OSHA and the Department of Labor to plan a labor rights week this fall to encourage people to report labor violations.

The previous week, the consulate signed an agreement with the Red Cross to work together to educate and prepare the Mexican immigrant community in case of a disaster or other emergency.

The next area the consulate plans to address is domestic violence. Consular officials are working to develop a network of law enforcement agencies and nonprofit organizations to provide services, such as counseling, legal representation and shelter, to Mexican victims of domestic violence.

Needless to say, Gorman didn't see fit to quote anyone who might not appreciate a foreign government worming their way into our country.


Our enemies at work, buy guns and see it for what it is a real attack on our freedoms by little brown Nazi rats working with the so called american government of little one world mass Murderers.

Only the LAT could publish in such gushing sincerity this ridiculous story about a foreign government helping its citizens -- many, many of whom are here illegally -- leech off US taxpayers. If Mexico is really all that concerned about the well-being of its citizens maybe it should just start cutting checks.