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Potomac Watch columnist for Wall Street Journal edit page. Order my bestseller, The Intimidation Game!
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Top conservative thinker @KimStrassel asks "Was Trump's Campaign ‘Set Up’?". No. He's just only good at PR. He's a greedy, venal, no-patriotism P-O-S. His fans are far-left on the curve. They fell for his shtick & he deceived enough to win. And you defend him. #MAGA #resist
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Opinion: The biggest favor the GOP can do in the gun control debate is to tackle the mental-health question in all…
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@WSJ @KimStrassel But there’s no profit in Mental Health. That’s the whole problem. It costs way too much with to…
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School shooting are a *cultural* problem caused in part by NeoLiberals like WSJ, Strassel, etc. The "profits at any price" contingent would try to profit off shootings if they could. #WSJ #Parkland RT @KimStrassel MT @RobertP406 But there’s no profit in Mental Health...
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.@DavidLeopold: how many like Tsarnaev brothers will sneak into the Obama/Rubio amnesty? @KimStrassel @adeleshiv @CesarConda #teaparty #GOP