Mel Martinez is GOP "general chairman": abandon the GOP

Senator Mel Martinez has been elected to the made-up title of "general chairman" of the Republican Party's National Committee (RNC). Despite a secret ballot, not that many might have voted against him.

I would strongly suggest to all GOP members that now is the absolute best time to turn your backs on the party in an attempt to change their pro-illegal alien amnesty ways. Specifically, if anyone asks you for money, tell them no, and tell them the reason why.

In interminable remarks, Martinez recounts his early years in Cuba and the U.S. While he doesn't say it explicitly, he lets us know that we are indeed a Land Of Immigrants[TM] and that present immigration is just like that of the past:

He and I, like so many other immigrants, came here not to change America, but to be changed by the American experience ... and we were.


We're the party of lower taxes and less spending because we know that government doesn't create jobs and economic growth. The American people, the most industrious, innovative, driven people in the world do that. Today, across this great country, millions of men and women are hard at work.

Less spending? For those two words alone, should anyone take anything he says seriously? And, we're industrious now? Here I thought there were jobs Americans won't do. Perhaps he didn't mean U.S. citizens so much as everyone who resides here, legally or not. Which brings us to:

To be the Party of the future means that we also have to be a party that opens the door wide-open so that all Americans feel welcome. There are too many Americans who do not understand that the principles of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan speak to their hopes, their dreams, and their aspirations. I will take the message of our Party to all Americans... I want to make sure that we take that message to the broader Hispanic community [and not just Cubans], to the African-American community, and to all communities that may never have believed that Republican ideals spoke to them...

Yes, but what if that "broader Hispanic community" makes demands that strongly conflict with supposed present (or at least past) Republican principles? Obviously, those principles mean nothing to Bush and Rove, and the same almost assuredly is true of Martinez.


This is undoing of the republican party. The leadership does not get, the conservative base will stay home or vote third party. Good luck country club republicans.

I can't help but think this may help our cause since it should help to make more people aware that the RNC has betrayed them.

I agree with the comments here. I plan on doing as Thresher is doing: voting for either Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo. However, I no longer consider myself Republican. What a disgrace this party has become. They're just as bad as those idiotic liberals.

I will stay registered as a Republican long enough to vote for Hunter or Tancredo in the primaries, then I will re-register as an Independent.

I am no longer a Republican because I don't share the party's pro-illegal immigration stance.

What Martinez seems to be saying is that US citizens are lazy good-for-nothings who won't work hard. Therefore, they are not REAL Americans.The real Americans are those who illegally cross the border and who will work for substandard wages and never complain about working conditions-no matter how bad they might be. It's Compassionate Conservatism meets Social Darwinism meets La Reconquista.

Both parties have turned their backs on the American people.

Old Atlantic is right the RNC Is in the hands of our enemies and want one thing the total defeat of the ideals of the bill of right and want the one world order to do its evil work.

and yes the new world order is the soviet ideals of evil and its real policy.

Mel Martinez elected General Secretary of the Republican National Committee. He and Bush
are dedicated to the defeat of America, the Main Enemy, by immigration.

This is consistent with long standing Soviet