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Dylan Hayre
New York, USA
now: ACLU Justice Division strategist // then: JLUSA, lawyer, campaign guy // always: 🇮🇳🦁, car enthusiast, MMA and Boston sports fan // 👇🏽my personal views
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From @DylanHayre
If you read one piece on Trump's racism, read this from @jelani9. "He presents the citizenship of black and brown…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DylanHayre: do you like onion rings? I do, but I avoid them so I can get back to 1/8th of a ton. @jelani9 blogging "[Trump] attack[ed] 4 congresswomen of color; he was reanimating ideas [that] wreaked havoc in the nation's past" is your onion rings but you don't realize it.