McCain, Kennedy, Gutierrez, Flake collaborating on immigration "reform"

Jerry Kammer of the Copley News Service offers "Immigrant legislation strategy is plotted" which, while it has its problems, is surpring in that it's not completely biased towards "reform":
Two of the most liberal members of Congress met with two of their most conservative colleagues this week to revive immigration legislation that passed the Senate but was throttled by House Republican leaders who resisted its attempt to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants.

"The plan is to bring the bill up in late winter," said Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., a conservative stalwart who attended the meeting in the office of Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. The other participants were Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.
If anyone can put the "u" back in collaborateur, it's the last. More on him here.

One of the problems with the article is this:
That enforcement-heavy approach is fine with immigration advocates as long as it is part of a package that provides permanent legal status to those who are beckoned across the border by agriculture, restaurant, construction, landscaping and janitorial jobs.
Unfortunately, all of those "immigration advocates" currently strongly support illegal immigration. They will not stop that support if they get "reform". Moreover, if they get "reform" they'll have even more political and financial power and they'll be even more effective at supporting illegal immigration.


The four treasonous ones listed here are disgusting. Enemies of America. They have their globalist/corporatist agendas. Americans have soundly and LOUDLY rejected that agenda. Yet they still proceed like deaf men. Listen to the people! NO AMNESTY. Not now, not ever. Build the WALL. No more talk about "reform", not until the border is first secured. Enforce the law we already have. Deport and enforce. Close the border. No immigration,legal or illegal. Overpopulation is killing our way of life, not improving it. This is the last time Jeebie says "please".

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