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Anniina Jokinen
Austin, TX
#Resistance. Literature Nerd, Movie Geek, Runaway Princess, and possible Fairy Changeling
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From @JuliaEAinsley
"Absent significant new catastrophic events, DHS believes the resulting (Disaster Relief Fund) Base balance is suff…
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From @AustinAni
@JuliaEAinsley Thank you for reporting on all this. Thank you for bearing the burden of all the hatefulness in orde…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AustinAni: Trump's horrific, but @JuliaEAinsley is lying at a Trump level. Illegal aliens aren't "immigrants" as she claims: she's lying to you. What's ironic is she won't call Trump on how fake his plans are: as soon as he's out of office, Congress will tear down his "wall".