"It was better before they came"

What, you might ask, is the title? Is that the latest racist xenophobic comment from one of those anti-immigrant racists? Why, yes it is. And, even worse, that racist comment is engraved in stone and stands outside a Metrolink Rail Station in Baldwin Park, CA.

Now, based on the last sentence, you can probably figure out that the monument is to racism of the politically-correct variety. Not only does it contain the titular phrase, but the end of this poem:
This land was Mexican once
was Indian always
and is.
And will be again.
Details and pictures here.


Bullcrap. California was never owned by Mexico, it was owned by Spain. The indigenous peoples of California are not in any way related to the Mestizo mexicans.

It's ok for us to illegally migrate to their territory, but it's not ok for them to illegally migrate to our territory.

What a racist comment engraved on that wall.If we had never came (WHITES)this land would be dirtie filthy crime ridden citys.Automactic gun fights on every corner just like in the loved country of Mexico.Thats why they be running up here for years,mexicans never had any balls to go fix there country.We build it they want it