"Special use permits" used to silence anti-illegal immigration protesters

Russ Dove is a fringey Tucson anti-illegal immigration protester. He was trying to use a bullhorn to counter-protest an illegal immigration march, when Tucson police told him that the noise was bothering someone else and that he'd be arrested if he didn't stop using the bullhorn. Apparently this involves the type of permit the marchers received. More here; see the long video here; background from the other side here.

I don't know whether his First Amendment rights have been violated or not, but I certainly don't expect the ACLU or the MSM to look into it either.


"fringy"? When did the Truth become the fringe? Oh ya, all of us grew up in the absense of Truth and that is why it, the Truth, is called fring. Get ready to deal with it, the Truth, that is; cause it is here!

So now we all know were Villaraigosa get's his order's from. we must make a coalition of free thinking people to fight against this little Red Rat and the pigs he work's for. but if that happened the government would put all us in prison for being terrorits against Mexico and the third world rulers, think about it.

Christle czajkowski is great she is fighting for freedom against this evil government of evil doers of hate. Long Live the USA Come and get me little rats of mexico city pigs and drug dealers stop the police state working for the third world rulers in the new world order the war of freedom is coming!