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🅰️driel H🅰️mpton🌹
CALIFORNIA SHADOW GOVERNOR The Really Online Lefty League he/him. I contain multitudes.
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From @donie
Facebook won't let candidate for California governor run false ads - CNN
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From @HoppityMalt
@donie @adrielhampton Epic
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HoppityMalt: @adrielhampton stunt & @donie hyping it are designed to quash dissent. Donie is paid to help box out the competition & to try to ensure only the establishment POV is presented. Hampton's just a stooge seeking his 15 minutes. Be a real liberal & oppose censorship.
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From @JuddLegum
1. I founded @thinkprogress and spend a decade of my career building it from scratch and I just found out it was be…
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From @adrielhampton
@JuddLegum @thinkprogress CAP funding is no longer welcome in progressive spaces and it seems corporate funding eas…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@adrielhampton: it also helps that @JuddLegum has trouble telling the truth & refuses to help smart people engage leaders in debate about real issues. #ThinkProgress was just another echo chamber & not a very good one at that.