Bush border buggy back Monday in Yuma (fence photo op)

bush visits border patrol yuma arizona dune buggy

In May of last year, America's beloved president (George W. Bush) visited Yuma in Arizona to announce "Operation Jump Start", whereby National Guard troops would assist the Border Patrol with their mission. The photo above comes straight out of his scrapbook of his fun vacation.

On Monday, he's returning to the border to see how things are going and (possibly on the directive of Mexico City and/or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and/or similar) to - yet again - push for "comprehensive immigration reform", aka a massive amnesty.

He'll be joined by Arizona governor Janet Napolitano but Reps. Gabrielle Giffords and Raul Grijalva (a former member of MEChA) - despite being invited - won't be there.

Prediction: Bush will give Speech #5, with either Variant 5-B or 5-D. While he'll have a hard time finding as engaging a prop as a dune buggy, expect the portion of the border fence that's being built to be this year's prop.


what a joke, is bush going to pick up drug money? from mexico city after all he now has most of the BP'S IN prison.