24Ahead breaks through media containment, invites guest contributing editor

You know how sometimes some things can be funny, sad, hot, and disturbing... all at the same time?

Well, the attached video fits the bill.

I'm somewhat of two minds about calling it funny, when that part is actually sad. On the other hand, there's such a thing as free will and - absent something else - she (and my other favorite from the same group: peekurl.com/v1cl5ow ) have made their choices.

That said, either or both are welcome to guest contribute edit here (known as "guest blog" at sites that are, unlike this, blogs). Stay for the deprogramming!

(Note also that she says something just after 1:00 that you probably don't want blasting from your work cubicle. Note also that all these words are just here to preserve this site's formatting.)


Yes the total collapse is about to happen, it will never be LaRouche he is way to old about 80 years old. But I have always like his ideals.