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24Ahead breaks through media containment, invites guest contributing editor - 10/07/09

You know how sometimes some things can be funny, sad, hot, and disturbing... all at the same time? Well, the attached video fits the bill. I'm somewhat of two minds about calling it funny, when that part is actually sad. On the other hand, there's such a thing as free will and - absent something else - she (and my other favorite from the same group: ) have made their choices. That said, either or both are welcome to guest contribute edit here (known as "guest blog" at sites that are, unlike this, blogs). Stay for the deprogramming!

NYT/LAT/AP/WaPo/MSNBC launch new investigative reporting joint venture - 10/04/09

A pantheon of mainstream media titans (the New York Times, MSNBC, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press) have just launched a joint investigative reporting venture where they'll pool their resources in order to offer the offer in-depth reportage that those sources can't do alone. And, their new effort - called "Reportiva" - kicks off with a bang! Video of their first effort is included below, and - while I've been a strong critic of all those sources in the past - I have to admit that it's an excellent example of true journalism. It's like an MSM in-depth report...

Wolf Blitzer p0wned on Celebrity Jeopardy, *negative* $4000 going into final round (video) - 09/17/09

On tonight's Celebrity Jeopardy, Wolf Blitzer squared off with Andy Richter and Dana Delaney. And, Blitzer got completely, absolutely p0wned, ending up with negative $4000 at the end of Double Jeopardy. Richter trounced his two competitors and at the end of the game ended up with $68,000. Unfortunately, rather than forcing him to suffer the ignominious defeat he so richly deserves, they gave Blitzer $1000 for Final Jeopardy.

This is a preview, and a warning - 03/12/09

In case you think the campaign by Barack Obama and the Democrats to convert the U.S. into Western Europe - specifically France - are in any way a joke or something to be taken lightly, watch this video. This is what they're going to do to us. This is their idea of "progress". This is what they want to turn us into. 2/5/12 UPDATE: The video that was here was deleted, but I replaced it with another copy of "Madhi, Nouvelle Star 2009".

Barack Obama as you've never heard him before (NSFW) - 02/06/09

For his audio book, president Barack Obama did a caricature of one of his friends from Hawaii, someone who had a habit of swearing, i.e., using cuss words, cussing, talking blue, etc. This video has some outtakes. Note: NSFW. UPDATE: The Safe for Work version is here. I might re-do the bleeps if that gets enough views.

Pepsi's pro-Obama Superbowl commercial - 02/02/09

The following ad from Pepsi - which ran during the Superbowl/Big Game yesterday - is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. UPDATE: It has come to my attention that this is not a real ad but is simply a satire. It's so easy to get confused these days.

The Wit and Wisdom of Barack Obama: a video compilation - 01/27/09

Despite what you might have heard, this site maintains a strict fair and balanced policy. Accordingly, I've compiled a video containing the best of Barack Obama. All of his stirring speeches, his brilliant policies, his challenging dialogues, and his intellectual inquiry have been combined into a moving video celebrating America's best president:

Pete Seeger most open Communist at Barack Obama inaugural musical celebration - 01/18/09

Zdravstvuite tovarishchi! Yesli by... oops! Izvinite, I begin again. If I had hammer and sickle and dollar for every note that Pete Seeger sung at today's inaugural celebration in honor of Barack Obama, I would have to give most of it back to state! Meanwhile, here picture of American music legend singing with Bruce Springsteen at event that happened today.

It was already creepy, then they added in the broomsticks - 01/05/09

The idea of playing a game based on Harry Potter is creepy enough, it's them running around holding broomsticks between their legs that makes it just that much more creepy: Sadly, I have to admit that I'd never heard of this before, despite the WSJ discussing it over two years ago (link). Now, of course, I wish I'd remained ignorant.

U.S. Senate funds new productivity-increasing device - 12/16/08

In order to help mitigate the financial crisis, a bi-partisan group of U.S. Congresspeople - led by John McCain and Ted Kennedy - has consulted with experts and helped fund an ingenuous new productivity-increasing device: