Dick Durbin probably gets a chuckle from the tea parties' ineffective and childish chants

Glenn Reynolds alerts us (pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/83880) that a crowd of protesters (pictured) formed outside Dick Durbin's office in Chicago and were chanting "no more Dick". They're presumably from the tea parties or allied groups, and they're presumably protesting against Obama healthcare.

When he was in kindergarten, Durbin probably had other kids make the same chant on the playground. But, since those chanting aren't on a playground and appear to be grown-ups, this is yet another example of how the "partiers" - and especially their leaders - can't use their brains. All they're doing is putting on a stunt and venting. They aren't going to have any impact on anything Durbin does; he's just going to keep on doing what he's been doing for decades. They aren't going to change the minds of any of his supporters; in fact, some on his side might support him even more strongly.

Meanwhile, the solution is at the end of the arrow I added to the picture. That's the office of a trial lawyer who's generally on their side (let's say). That person is very familiar with asking people tough questions and calling them on their lies. If the tea partiers could control their emotions and engage their brains, they could get that lawyer to ask Durbin a very tough question, such as the one in the DREAM Act summary. Really pressing Durbin on that question at one of his no doubt many public appearances would make him look very bad, and that would have an impact on the policies he pushes. It would also undercut the mainstream media and show all those who saw the video just how weak the questions the MSM asks are.

Instead of doing that, the tea partiers are just throwing a useless tantrum.


Wow. The only ineffective and childish one here is you. The tea partiers are going to town hall meetings and stopping this health care monstrosity. They're actually DOING something and ACCOMPLISHING something, unlike you. In the process, they are also putting the fear of God into Congress with their protests about having the pay the load for illegal immigrants. You? You sit behind your computer and call them names. You really should grow up. If the "partiers" can get results (and they ARE getting results), then you should be thankful for their efforts.

How you tell when politician lie? Comrade Pelosi blink Slick Willy rub nose Comrade Obama open mouth Dumb Donkey Gibbs laugh...Hehaw..he..haw..he..haw! Is this really health care "reform"? Compare Obama Care vs Igor Care at Obama vs Igor Care [1] I Igor produce Barrack Milhaus Hussein Obama Birth Certificate at www.igormarxo.org [2]

[1] igormarxo.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=55&Itemid=72
[2] www.igormarxo.org/

1. Most of the people attending townhalls and the vast majority of those opposed to Obamacare aren't "tea partiers". Obamacare isn't failing because of the "partiers" but due to widespread fear about it by those who aren't "partiers". 2. The people asking questions at townhalls are getting snowed over the illegal aliens issue [1]. Their leaders aren't encouraging them to ask better questions but are simply standing by as their followers are snowed. 3. Where were the "partiers" when it came to Sotomayor?

[1] 24ahead.com/ask-better-questions-about-illegal-aliens-receiving-healthca

24Ahead is right but understand one fact Obama and his boys will never stop until this nation is a third world monkey house and its almost at that point.