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Simon Hunt
Citizen of Nowhere
Architect / Drawing buildings for @Gunn_Associates / Guitars / Noise / @jozero / Dork-sided
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From @JolyonRubs
This is why @GeorgeMonbiot & myself will be supporting the uprising by @ExtinctionR next Monday 7th October. What a…
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From @WBradaigh
@JolyonRubs @GeorgeMonbiot @ExtinctionR I'll say, some of us protested & some of us went vegan.
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From @Simian01
@WBradaigh @JolyonRubs @GeorgeMonbiot @ExtinctionR
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From @24aheaddotcom_
I'm curious: can you even conceive of there being something smarter than street protests? Really think about that & reply like adult MT @Simian01 [one of the few replies to @JolyonRubs virtue signaling hyping #ExtinctionR; its pic puts "protesting" as a higher step than "vegan"]