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Alex Padilla
Los Angeles, CA
CA Secretary of State. Husband & Dad. @MIT Grad. Past @NALEO President, State Senator, and LA City Council President. San Fernando Valley native.
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If @AlexPadilla4CA repped my interests - which he doesn't, for racial power reasons - he'd oppose Trump over *privacy*. #California #MAGA
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.@AlexPadilla4CA won't give info to Trump's vote comm simply because he's pronounced Trump's illegal voting claims wrong. #California #MAGA
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#CA SOS @AlexPadilla4CA supports illegal #immigration for racial reasons, so it's no surprise his response to Trump's vote comm is so weak.
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From @retrosher
RT @AlexPadilla4CA: The selection of Kris Kobach to Trump's immigration transition team sends a deeply troubling message.…
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.@retrosher @AlexPadilla4CA: Kobach has consistently failed (SB1070, etc.) It'd be better to point out to Trump fans he chose a loser.