"Operation Embarrass Your Congressman": OK, but better questions please

Like human ancestors emerging from the primordial ooze, the tea parties might be growing a brain. Someone who appears part of that overall movement has started a new campaign called "Operation Embarrass Your Congressman" (link) which is highly similar to my two-and-a-half year old plan outlined in the question authority summary. Since February 2007, I've spent countless hours urging people to go to appearances by politicians and ask them tough questions on video, all without much of any help and without success.

I don't know if they got the idea from me or not, but in any case I can't quibble too much since if they actually follow through that might make it easier for my questions to be asked.

The minor areas where I have quibbles concerns their tea party-esque emphasis on strong fiscal conservatism rather than things that have a much more long-term impact such as massive immigration or the Sonia Sotomayor nomination. Also, their questions aren't that good and will result in stock responses. Consider this:

Since out-of-control lawsuit abuse (needed tort reform) and illegal immigrants are a large part of the strain on the health care system, why are these two issues not being addressed at all?

Most politicians would simply state that illegal aliens won't be part of Obama's system. They won't mention any loopholes (such as possible lax state-administered requirements) and they certainly won't admit that Obama's plan is deceptive. I used to spend time coming up with questions but since no one ever asked them I called a halt to that. However, if anyone from their group wants better questions, let me know. A possibly career-ending question would involve really pressing someone on the question in the DREAM Act summary.

Also, Glenn Reynolds promotes the site (pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/82898), saying: "Remember, protest is patriotic, and dissent is the highest for of patriotism!" That means so much from someone who promoted groups of people intimidating their representatives and giving politicians bunny ears behind their back.

And, from our "that's a good sign" department, Glenn Thrush of Politico is miffed (politico.com/blogs/glennthrush/0709/Operation_Embarrass_Your_Congressman_.html), saying that the questions are "loaded" and asking, "Who are these guys?" If this group does a good job - such as by asking some of my questions - they'll be the guys who make people like Thrush look like the hacks they are.


My question would be when do you plan to take down the USA And are you a political bin laden kind of guy do you like @@@##$##@$@$? no more questions? in the next 6 months the system will fall a part and by may most will get what has happened. the tea parties will mean nothing, the boys in government love to see people running around in some 18th century mind set, many people have told you what would happen for years now and now its happening people still don't see the stink in front of them.

My question is: Will Fred ever post a coherent comment?

little people that can't see, obama real birthplace has now come to light its not a conspiracy theories its now known it was kenyan. is that coherent for you?