Supreme Court: using made-up Social Security number isn't identity theft (immigration enforcement)

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From this:

The US Supreme Court has ruled that a law often used by prosecutors to penalize illegal immigrants who use false identification documents to gain employment overstepped its mark.

The highest US court ruled Monday in favor of Mexican Flores Figueroa, stating that the government must be required to "show that the defendant knew that the means of identification at issue belonged to another person."

The court's decision is probably correct; the solution would be to modify the relevant laws in some way.


well what did you think the rats would say? after all this nation is not about laws or right or anything real its about control.

I think that it is too late to save the United States from self destructing.

Dennis you are right sad to say, the only thing we and others can do is start to understand we must save something and fight to do just that. but the pigs understand how to control people by using jobs and hope.