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Randi Doeker
El Paso, TX
Poly Sc major; never kicked the habit. Worked in US Senate during Watergate. Silicon Valley alum. Expert in an itty bitty sliver of bird conservation. #MeToo
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From @juliettekayyem
US Customs and Border Protection West Texas: "We are not conducting enforcement operations at area hospitals, the f…
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From @JDWackrow
@juliettekayyem @NBCNews You were calling for this clarification 6 hours ago - how many people potentially deferred…
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From @rbdoeker
@JDWackrow @juliettekayyem @NBCNews Consider that Juarez residents don’t have US medical insurance. And US resident…
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From @ueowen
@juliettekayyem @NBCNews . . . okay but CBP is not the primary interior enforcement agency anyway???
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@rbdoeker: consider that @JDWackrow knows where the $ is, & it isn't in siding with workers. He takes every chance he can to push the Big Biz loose borders agenda, even when it doesn't apply. (P.S. Many in EP oppose illegal immigration & MX nationals make ample use of U.S. ERs)
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ueowen: Kayyem called El Paso "diverse" & she thinks it's awash in illegal aliens. She obviously doesn't understand how some MX nationals exploit our system nor what many in EP think of illegal immig. You're both paid to push the Big Biz agenda but she should embarrass you.