Why is the FDIC helping illegal aliens get home loans?


For whatever reasons you think, the Bush administration is encouraging illegal immgration. And then having them get a house here with the OK of the government will just add another reason as to why we cannot make them return to where they came from. What about their house here, what about their little anchor babies? Unfortunately,one day we may wake up and wonder why didn't we stop this illegal immigration before it got so out of hand.

We can't have government agencies allowing people with fake ID's to get insured mortgages. The defaults are chargeable to the taxpayer, if the banks lose enough money, or if direct resort to government programs is used. It is treasonable to divert public resources to the foreigner. Again, as one can see above, the advocates for illegal aliens, have to use fallacies like pretending to diagnose those who disagree with them on this. If they could think of rational arguments for sharing and jeopardizing our publicly subsidized credit resources in the above manner, they would do so.

Yet another entity accepting the business of illegal aliens. Government, business, communities, churches... The paranoid radical anti-immigration movement is small, has no influence, not to mention petty.