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Seth Katz
California, USA
Never Trump... Faux Conservative Agenda is killing this country. Blocked by Kirk, Gorka, Woods, Cernovich, Loesch, Diamond and Silk #Resistance #FBR
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From @JackKingston
As of today #BrianKemp’s lead is 58,875. Total uncounted, provisional, questionable ballots is 13,360. IF every bal…
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From @TheKatzMeow2016
@JackKingston Except for the entire 20 ways Kemp suppressed the vote....but you do you.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TheKatzMeow2016: Trump can't function without proxies: undercut them & you undercut Trump. You can undercut @JackKingston by getting someone to really press him on how Trump "wall" would be neglected or torn down by Congress when Trump's out of office. Urge CNN to do that.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mrjustsaying @thekatzmeow2016: FYI, #Twitter censored your recent tweets to Parscale. He spreads the disinfo that mostly cons are impacted. If you can find a reporter to cover just how wrong he is, you can make him look very bad. I've tried to do that, please help out.