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Anne Rumsey Gearan
Washington DC
Correspondent at The Washington Post. Foreign policy and politics here, mostly. Sometimes pandas.
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“Few Americans alive today have set foot inside North Korea, the isolated, nuclear-armed dictatorship. On Sunday, I…
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@DavidNakamura @agearan Be careful with the Bill & Ted's references. It's all fun and games until @Winter gets hurt…
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@waltshaub @DavidNakamura @agearan And I would argue this was more of a bogus journey than an excellent adventure.
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What's funny is how few care what you think. Except, of course, Trump: he likes how those like you have only ever helped him. MT @DavidNakamura MT @Winter [to a Nakamura blog] And I would argue [Ivanka in North Korea] was more of a bogus journey than an excellent adventure.
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Are we serious?
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.@AnushayHossain: @agearan is paid to undercut Trump. She highlights a patch on a jacket that no one else probably noticed & #MAGA laughs at her in hundreds of tweets. Daily Caller, RedState, etc. laugh at her. How competent is she at what she's actually paid to do? #WaPo