Jackie Goldberg's "socialist" leanings

On either March 8 or 9 of 2004 the Los Angeles Times printed a story about California Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg (Democrat-Los Angeles) getting married to her long-time lesbian partner Sharon Stricker up in San Francisco (during Gavin Newsom's big moment). The L.A. Times story is no longer online, but it contained this shocking revelation:
...Goldberg and Stricker met 28 years ago when both were schoolteachers with socialist leanings...
To anyone who's even slightly familiar with Goldberg's history, such a revelation shouldn't be shocking. What's shocking, of course, is that the L.A. Times managed to squeak out something that was even partially true.

It was only partially true because I just ran across the "Thirteenth Report of the Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities--California". The "Senate" is the California Senate, and it's from 1965:
...Jacqueline Goldberg, the sister of Arthur Goldberg, came from Los Angeles to attend the university at Berkeley. She soon became the head of U.C. Women for Peace, a front organization,and was its delegate to a Moscow meeting in 1963. She was also active in the American-Russian Institute at San Francisco, cited by the Attorney General of the United States as a Communist-dominated organization, and is now a member of the Policy Committee for the next World Communist Youth Festival which is scheduled to be held in Algeria. She was a member of both the executive and steering committees of FSM ["Free Speech Movement"], and was arrested during the invasion of Sproul Hall...
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