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Basically Kim🌸😷☔️🇺🇸
Gamer, Political apostate, free speech enthusiast, constitutional absolutist, men’s rights advocate, Centrist. Think for yourself. Question authority.
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From @scrowder
Today's #VoxAdpocalypse live stream video is UP. We let you know EXACTLY what's going on with Vox's war on independ…
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From @xNymeriaGaming
@scrowder Pretty sure the pic of Che and the idea of socialism is more offensive than the word fig ‍️
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@xNymeriaGaming: in 2012, Obama crossed a cultural Rubicon by hyping Lena Dunham. @scrowder responded by calling her & her fans moochers despite them having more $/power than the con base combined. If he were smart & truly anti-SJW he would have gone after Obama/Lena on culture.