Can Meg Whitman answer questions on her own? And, does Chris Christie support open debate?

The video at (or ) shows New Jersey governor Chris Christie interrupting a heckler at a Meg Whitman event. The heckler - a gadfly named Ed Buck (link) - shouts at Whitman apparently because she won't be taking questions: "What are you hiding? ...You’re looking like Arnold in a dress." It's questionable fail all around:

1. Is Whitman incapable to taking her own questions and responding to hecklers? If - woe be unto us - she becomes California governor, what's she going to do without Christie around?

2. Christie does in fact live up to his "tough-guy persona", although that's not exactly the phrase I'd use (link). While his short-sighted rightwing fan club - especially the strict authoritarians among them - might welcome that, it's not what we want to see in those who are elected to represent all of us. He claims that he and Whitman are trying to bring America together, when in fact he's supporting the opposite: trying to physically intimidate someone who disagrees. (There's extra fail here too: both Christie and Whitman support amnesty and massive immigration, something that would increase spending and reduce the power of their fan base.)

3. Buck is right that Whitman is in fact quite Arnold Schwarzenegger-like, minus the phase Arnold went through where he seemed like he might be a reformer. She's gone straight to being corrupt since her campaign started. And, this site in general doesn't support just shouting things out, preferring Q&A sessions. However, if she's not going to hold a Q&A session, then sometimes shouting something at the end or as the politician is leaving an event becomes necessary. The problem is that what Buck shouted was just a low-wattage statement. If he'd shouted an actual question that's something she'd be on record as not answering and something that others could try to ask at one of her future events. See bad questions for other examples of people making low-wattage statements instead of asking good questions, and see question authority for how to do things in smarter ways.