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Chris Christie backers: David Koch, Kenneth Langone (Home Depot), Charles Schwab, hedge fund managers,... - 09/27/11

The "Draft Christie committee" is a group of very wealthy backers who want Chris Christie to run for president.

Rick Perry, Bob McDonnell speak at Koch brothers Vail summit (loose borders advocates) (Chris Christie too) - 06/27/11

The billionaire Koch family are holding a secret four-day summit in Vail, Colorado and two of those jetting in to speak are Texas governor Rick Perry and Virginia governor

Can Meg Whitman answer questions on her own? And, does Chris Christie support open debate? - 09/23/10

The video at (or ) shows New Jersey governor Chris Christie interrupting a heckler at a Meg Whitman event.

Chris Christie supports immigration "reform" (aka amnesty) - 06/30/10

The latest GOP/conservative savior is New Jersey governor Chris Christie, despite the fact that what he supports would increase spending and reduce the GOP's power. In a recent interview [1], he implied opposition to the new immigration law in Arizona and came out in support of comprehensive immigration reform, aka amnesty. The latter would lead to millions new Democrats joining the voter rolls and would lead to even more illegal immigration and even more spending. From [1]: On the hot-button topic of immigration reform, he said he has long declined to “demagogue” the issue as a former U.S....

Is U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie a corruption supporter? (downplays illegal immigration then "clarifies" remarks) - 04/28/08

From this: ...U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie [District of New Jersey] surprised many at a Dover [NJ] church public forum [at the First United Methodist Church of Dover] when he said sneaking into the United States is not a criminal act.