Bob Menendez: legalizing illegal aliens is "the civil rights issue of our time"; Jamie Duffy fails at reporting

Perhaps sending a "social correspondent" to cover the Luis Gutierrez' "Family Unity Tour" isn't such a good idea. Yet, the New Jersey Star Ledger sent their Jaime Duffy to cover the tour's appearance in Morristown, New Jersey (link).

The event featured an appareance by Bob Menendez, who said:

...amnesty will "ultimately nullify the need for a 287(g)"... ..."This is the civil rights issue of our time," Menendez told the audience. "This is about all of us together," he said, noting that the people at the rally "were not the hearts that are hardened, that have to be softened."

Others there were Walter Coleman (of Elvira Arellano fame), Rep. Albio Sires; the sponsors were the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey and the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (NCLCCL). There's absolutely nothing in the article calling any of them on their various leaps of logic, such as pretending that our laws are to blame for faulty and completely voluntary personal decisions.


Wasn't this guy,Menendez, the one who blocked Everify? I bet he has thousands of relatives in Mexico panting and waiting to join their brethren in America. Bet he already has a new name for this country. USM, The United States of Mexico!

Civil rights for illegals? What civil rights? Illegal aliens are not citizens hence they have no civil rights.

Mary is right but with a low life government at state and fed, the drug dealers of the third world will win, and the end game is to remove all Americans from the USA For race and political reasons.

This is the whole issue of Immigration Reform, it is nothing more than a platform to use so that the attention is pulled off of the people that intentionally disregarded our laws. Don't blame them, we should look at reforming our system is their reasoning. Reform is another name for amnesty for the law-breakers, otherwise our current system would do the job if we cared to enforce it.