Conservatives: here's why not to vote for Obama or at least why to vote against him

Mary Katharine Ham and some other guy offer "The comprehensive argument against Barack Obama" [1]. It lays out a non-smear case against BHO over several categories: abortion, taxes, his radical associations, foreign policy judgment, his disdain for the heartland, his habit of playing the race card, and his lack of accomplishments. And, it will serve a valuable purpose for those millions and millions of conservatives who were planning on voting for BHO.

I kid! It might serve as a slight nudge that some need to get out and vote against BHO, but, aside from those for whom the above listed topics are their make-or-break issues, it won't have much of an impact on independents and non-far-left Democrats.

For that, you need something from their perspective. However, something that would be far more effective is to show everyone - regardless of ideology - that Obama is not qualified.

The way to do that is what I've been pushing completely without success for almost two years: going out and asking him a tough question on video. Please write major bloggers and urge them to help push that plan.

[1] hotair . com/archives/2008/10/21/the-comprehensive-argument-against-barack-obama


PHENOMENAL. This is the perfect approach to impeaching the capabilities and character. By using his own words against him, the authors made a compelling case against him, clearly illustrating that he is unfit to lead the nation.

From the link: _For a small number of bigots, one of them is almost certainly race._ As I\'ve tried to argue, it isn\'t necessarily true that someone who opposes Obama\'s bid to be President either partly or primarily due to his race is a "bigot". [1] Too bad such a sentence, driven by knee-jerk political correctness, made it onto that page. Otherwise it's worth reading, and ought to be read by every Obama supporter.