John McCain promotes illegal alien amnesty to Irish group; Irish government link; no Barletta

Speaking at the Irish-American Presidential Forum earlier today in Scranton PA, John McCain promoted giving an amnesty to not just the supposed 50,000 Irish illegal aliens in the U.S., but others as well. The video is below, and per this he said:

"[There are] 50,000 Irish men and women in this country illegally who want to become citizens... we have to give them a path to citizenship... [My previous support for McCain-Kennedy] didn't make me the most popular member of my own party and it almost cost me the nomination of my party... To preserve that fragile coalition, I had to sometime take votes which were not popular... Senator Kennedy took votes that were not popular. Senator Obama took a hike... This nation is all the stronger -- this nation is stronger, this nation is stronger -- for the infusion of fresh blood and vitality that has come to this nation wave after wave: Irish, Italian, Poles, everybody who's come to this nation has enriched our nation, including our Hispanic citizenry. OK? That's what America's all about...

America is all about support for massive illegal activity and public corruption?

But, wait, it gets worse. According to this, there was no support evident for fellow Republican Lou Barletta, apparently due to his opposition to illegal activity. Instead, one of the other speakers at the event heads a group that's partly funded by the Irish government:

"Most of your parents and grandparents came here as poor immigrants and were welcomed here," said Ciaran Staunton of the Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. "Immigration is not a dirty word. Immigration is our fathers' word."

Of course, the report from Sasha Issenberg of the Boston Globe doesn't indicate where ILIR gets their money.

If anyone wants to do something about this, go ask McCain a tough question about this topic and upload his response to Youtube. If he's forced to foreswear against pushing amnesty it would actually help him, and if he or his surrogates were then able to attack Obama on this issue in a pro-American way it would help McCain and have a very negative impact on the BHO campaign.


All this BS Will mean nothing when this nation become a third world hell, buy guns make gangs and sell drugs that is what McCain is doing and bush and Obama and the U.S. Government HAS SOLD YOU OUT LONG-AGO and have fun doing it to you. Ask not what you can do for your government ask how much for that AK 47 In the window!

50,000 no its 2,300,000 i know all of the people! and just pick a number for anyone you can think of. BS On BS on top of more BS, Its really funny to listen to, buy guns.

This doddering old fool makes me ill....If it weren't for Palin he would be so far down in the polls he would have to hang his head in embarrassment. I despise him. He is the worst traitor this country has today. That's it I ain't voting...There's no difference between him and that racist Obama. Both will ruin the country!

I agree Mary.......I already voted for one traitor, and thats enough for me.

How about a write-in? Don't let these jokers chase you away from your right to vote for a suitable candidate.

Write ins ? There isn't one candidate who can take all the votes...Nader seems absent on the immigration issue.........Maybe I'll do what I did when I voted in the primary when Delahunt was unopposed...I wrote in Donald DUCK!!

If you're in a state like CA where Obama is going to win anyway, do NOT vote for McCain. You're sending a message to the RNC that you want more liberal Republicans. I don't think anyone should vote for McCain, but even if you believe McCain is the lesser evil, don't vote for him if you live in a state where Obama is going to win anyway.

I live in MA and my vote ain't worth a hill of beans amongst these socialist NUTBAGS! I am reading 'Senatorial Privilege' right now...about Ted Kennedys kiling of Mary Jo Kopechne by drowning. What a pathetic putrid piece of vomitus this guy is..........He killed her and then started on killing the country!

Send the Irish home!

Mary is dead on the money, thank you mary! i only hope that in the end game which is now people understand what evil is and why we see today our once great nation being made into some third world shit hold.

petty bourgeois your a moron. Send the Irish Home... Why them? Why not send all the Hispanic/Latino gang bangers home? There is nothing wrong with the Irish. In fact, if he had more of the English speaking Irish here, instead of the green card's from Latin America, America wouldn't be the shit hole everyone is talking about. America was founded by the British, and in my opinion someone should go back in time and shoot Paul's horse. Send home the Irish? Get a life. The Irish are like one of the three things still good about the US. [the other two make up the UK flag] Idiot's like you are why Obama will get into office, that and green cards.