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From @jennybethm
How many Americans are unaware of the #Obamacare tax penalty and how much will it cost them? #teaparty
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From @LeeEllmauerJr
@jennybethm All UNION members are waking up to the Cadillac Tax on their medical starting 2yrs.PROBLEM my medical is crappy and = an EDSEL!
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From @FrankyLamouche
@LeeEllmauerJr @jennybethm - as is medicare part d written by same ins/pharm industry for bush gop. have to pay even though don't take drugs
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From @LeeEllmauerJr
@FrankyLamouche @jennybethm Do you choose to use Medicare, or like OBAMACARE you are forced and have NO choice.Even if already insured
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From @FrankyLamouche
@LeeEllmauerJr @jennybethm - i am forced under eternal penalty to pay for insurance i don't use, a law written by GOP and passed by Bush.
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.@FrankyLamouche: if you *really* want to undercut JennyBethM, you have to undercut her to *Teaparty*. Show them she's a no-account grifter.
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@jennybethm is a fake patriot: @FrankyLamouche @ttechsan @MichelleDiana @rtoberl @pycelecciones #tcot #tgdn #ows